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The Nifty100 Alpha 30 Index consists of 30 companies from its parent Nifty 100 index, selected based on their ‘alpha’ scores.

The alpha score for each company is determined based on Jensen’s alpha computed using 1 year trailing prices.


  • The index has a base date of April 01, 2005 and a base value of 1000.
  • Stocks from Nifty 100 index at the time of review are eligible for inclusion in the index.
  • 30 companies having a listing history of more than 1 year, with highest positive Jensen’s alpha are selected to be part of the index.
  • The weight of each stock in the index is based on the combination of stock’s ‘alpha’ score and its free float market capitalization.
  • Each Sector in the index is capped at 25%.
  • Index is rebalanced quarterly.