Industry Classification

NSE Indices Ltd. provides the industry classification for companies, which is based on comprehensive and detailed structure for industry and sector analysis that facilitates comparison of companies across four levels of classification. Each company is classified into a particular category based on the nature of its revenue generated from business activities carried out.


NSE Indices industry classification follows 4 tier structure. Brief of four levels of classification for each company as detailed below:

  • Macro-Economic Sector: Indicates business activity of a company at macro level
  • Sector: Indicates specific sector of a company
  • Industry: This level would indicate the industry classification of the company
  • Basic Industry: This is a micro level classification to indicate the core business activities carried on by the company

It consists of 12 Macro-Economic Sectors, 22 Sectors, 59 Industries and 197 Basic Industries

NSE Indices Industry Classification Guidelines

NSE Indices Industry Classification Structure

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