Index Customization

NSE Indices Ltd. undertakes development & maintenance of customised indices for clients as well as offers consultancy services for developing indices.

Customised indices can be used for tracking the performance of the client’s portfolio of stocks vis-à-vis objectively defined benchmarks, or for benchmarking NAV performance to customised indices.

The customised indices can be sub-sets of existing indices or a completely new index. Some of the indices that can be constructed include:

  • Sector Indices
  • Individual Business Group Indices
  • Portfolios
  • Industry Indices


Customised indices will be computed as per the methodology specified by the client, if it is not a market capitalisation weighted index.


NSE Indices Ltd. will maintain the index for an annual fee. A review will be carried out in consultation with the client to review the specified criteria, number of constituent companies in the Index, and their performance on the selection criteria periodic intervals.

Services to Clients

Reports and other Information will be provided as per clients requirements.

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