Index Licensing

NSE indices are used as an underlying for a wide range of financial instruments offered by financial institutions, asset management companies, etc., to their investors worldwide.

These include structured financial products as well as index funds and exchange traded funds. A license from the NSE Indices Ltd. is required for creating a product based on or linked to any of its indices. The company also offers annual global licenses covering all index-linked financial instruments by an institution, as well as licenses for single transactions.


Investors, asset managers and financial institutions may use NSE indices to track the performance of funds, or as benchmarks for their actively managed portfolios.If an institution is benchmarking the performance of its product to any of the NSE indices, prior approval is required from NSE Indices Ltd. along with payment of fees, where applicable. If the AMC or the financial institution uses the NSE trademarks and the indices as an underlying for their Products, then it is mandatory for these financial institutions to seek prior approval from NSE Indices Ltd.  and executing a license agreement with NSE Indices Ltd.

Licensed Uses and Applications

  • Exchange Traded Derivatives
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Index Funds
  • Structured Products & OTC Derivatives
  • Annuities and Other Insurance Products

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