Data Subscription

NSE Indices Limited offers a range of Index products that provide ongoing and historical data and information on individual securities in the India.

These data products are designed for clients who require consistent measures of capital market performances as well as the underlying data on component securities.

Investors, asset managers and financial institutions use data related to NSE indices for their benchmarking and indexing purposes.

Index constituent data includes company names, identifiers, market capitalization, weights and prices.

Data Uses and Applications

  • Asset Allocation
  • Quantitative Research
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Performance Attribution Analysis

For subscription of end of day index constituent data, write to us:

Additionally, you can also subscribe data through:

  • Bloomberg Finance LP.
  • Factset Research Systems Inc.
  • IHS Markit
  • MSCI Inc.
  • Rimes Technologies Limited
  • Thomson Reuters Markets

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